Experiences of Antidepressants

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Been appointed antidepressants? Thinking about it? Here are a few folks’s personal experiences of drugs. (Please bear in mind the expertise of antidepressants is different for everybody who takes them.)

It’s an SSRI (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor) which works by discontinuing your brain from reabsorbing as much seratonin, stabilising your disposition; I was prescribed it for moderate depression and stress (although how much it helps with stress is questionable, and they’re prescribing it less for stress now). I have gone up to 30mg., and started on 10mg

The most significant idea is that it’s in no way a long-term alternative – the best thing to do would be to supplement it with treatment of some kind, which I’m doing. If I run out of pills and forget to pick up my prescription in time, for several days I’ll be weepy, irritable and irrational.

Is ‘ ’ that is level. I don’t have high highs or lows that are low any more like light bumps. I just shout quite sometimes these days, and generally that’s an indicator I forgot to take my pills. Among the more unusual things I’ve seen is an inability to get immersed in dream (when viewing movies, playing games, reading novels), the ‘suspension of disbelief’: the immersive side of my imagination was dulled. I’m a lot less inspired to compose these days too.

I’ve – worst of all! – and had horrible eczema for the previous 8 months I ‘ve had no sex drive since beginning the drug 3 years past. AT ALL. Occasionally I wonder whether I ‘dn’t preferably only be horny and depressed …

It’s my aim to come off my medicine with the aid of cognitive behavioural treatment. Despite all its side effects I ‘d actually say but then it’s different for everyone, if someone asked me whether I urge citalopram. I’ve heard quite the reverse from others. It’s something.

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